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    Alternative Recruiting [updated 9/13/16]

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    Alternative Recruiting [updated 9/13/16]

    Post by strangeland102 on Wed May 04, 2016 4:39 pm

    Alternative is a relaxed guild formed back in 2012 that's gone through many phases over the years. We like to enjoy all areas of the game and welcome anyone who'd like to enjoy them with us. The guild daily activities are not set in stone nor stressed over. Most days during active times of the year raid trains and/or farming runs are hosted most anytime. Other days only a couple runs and hanging out is all that happens.

    Alternative has open guild storage to all members (so don't stick anything in you'd hate to loose), most types of crafting maxed, and members with knowledge of most all the characters if anyone is a new player/made a new character and is looking for tips, tricks, or walkthroughs while leveling.

    We mostly hang around and base ourselves in channel 197, and welcome visitors and friends alike. We've shared the channel with a few other guilds (Fairytail, Aspectgaming, WhiteRoses, and Vespertine) over the years who we've partied and had fun with. Visit us for fun and french toast!

    Alternative also has a discord server hosted for Vindictus, Path of Exile, Warframe, and any game we get into. It's maintained regularly with announcements of updates/patches, events, contests, and guild changes.

    Around when school semesters are starting is usually an inactive time on Vindi, so expect responses to be a little slower and the game to be less populated in general.

        If you're looking for recruitment, raiding, or info pm Pelagreena or Kazukiyo
        (It's a less active time of the year so get a hold of me on discord @ Strangeland102#7733 )

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