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    This Forum and Others

    Post by Shippuu on Tue Oct 25, 2016 5:59 pm

    So, Nexon unveiled their new forums today *two years late*, and my forum was down for most or all of today's primetime hours (since all of Forumotion was down, yet again). This seems like a good time to make a thread discussing the issue here, and my stance on it.

    First, I want to go over the two main problems creating the issue, before getting to my request:

    So let's start with the flashy new Vindictus forums Nexon unveiled today. For the second time, all past post history is basically gone, and everyone starts over with 0. Continuing to inspire great confidence in the longevity of anything posted there.

    As no surprise, it turns out custom avatars are not available on the new forums. The VFM continued to repeatedly preach that they will definitely have custom avatars, and even Saygo said things along these lines. Avatars don't take two years to code, you know. Don't make the mistake of thinking for a single moment that Nexon cares what any player thinks. They don't, and this is just more proof. This is the central issue with the main forums, especially now that they have a (nearly) full default feature set. When a problem arises, they just don't care to fix it.

    The VFM continue to be the VFM on the official forums. If you have used their forums, I need not say anymore about this.

    The feature set is bland. Congratulations, Nexon! You finally have a forum that has *almost* as many features as this one did the second it was made. No calendar, the reputation system is unbalanced/inaccurate/abuse-able garbage, no custom avatars, and I'll wait for more other features to turn out to not work as intended to add to this.

    tl;dr: Don't be fooled by how flashy they look, they are still ran by the same corrupt mods.

    And now we come to my forum. I acknowledge my forum to be part of the issue, so it deserves criticism here as well.

    It's hosted via Forumotion, a service that lets me perform most of the modifications I want to make to the template/etc, but it has a VERY HIGH tendency to go offline, as in every single page on all of their servers. It's incredible, I don't know why people pay them. As a free service it's obviously great, but downtimes are absolutely crippling, and this should not continue.

    I have technically abandoned development on these. Some of the features that I wanted to write, that motivated me to work on a forum at all to begin with, are simply beyond what I can do on Forumotion's service, there is not enough access to the backend server for them. After Vindictus Manual v3 is up, I will likely make a corresponding update to these forums for bugfixes/feature expansions/etc, but I hope to have my request taken on by then.

    I don't know how to draw people here, to actually post. This is a primary failing that I have had since release, that is easily noticeable by the lack of posts. I alone represent over half of the posts made here, grand total (including Gallagher). I can provide worthwhile reason to visit the forum, but it does not drive people to post, which is not conducive to a successful forum.

    tl;dr: Forumotion is unstable as shit, and also I can't handle running something this big alone.

    Which leads to my (big) request. I'm fairly sure that there is no free forum service that can provide a good feature set/speed/stability mix. Some Web hosts offer free phpBB forums with literal 100% code access, but you'd have to pay for the VPS and bandwidth to run them. This is beyond me, running on a donation-based funding.

    If anyone has the resources, existing or potential, to make a Vindictus forum in replacement to the unacceptable official forums, and these unstable half-dead ones, please contact me on Discord or here in PM. I'm willing to pitch in work on creating the CSS theme(s) and BBCodes to make it a top-tier Vindictus forum, if you happen to have the resources but not the capability.

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