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    Guild Discussions - Section Specific Rules

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    Guild Discussions - Section Specific Rules

    Post by Gallagher on Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:48 pm

    When posting a thread in the Guild Discussions section, you will need to abide by these rules.

    What Threads Are Allowed?

    Each guild may have one (no more) "Guild Home" threads in this section, for general chitchat within their guild, or for planning things, etc. Whatever you want to discuss in it, within the minor constraints of the Forum Rulebook. These "Guild Home" threads do not actually have to have that in the title; you may name it as you like, as long as it has your guild's name in it.

    In addition to this, guilds may announce and host events within this forum section. For example, if the guild I was in, Vongola XI, decided to host a costume contest or something, we would make a thread here titled "[East] Vongola XI hosting costume contest"". Within that thread, we would give the dates, any rules, any procedures, and prizes (if any).

    Note that for EVERY thread of the above types, you MUST prefix your thread name with your server. This is a centralized section between all the servers, if people don't know what server your event is on, it will only lead to confusion and reduced attendance.

    If your server is on East, start your thread title with [East], and so on. If your event is not an ingame attended event, such as a screenshot contest, and people from any region can contribute, prefix it with [Web]. Note that you can only use the [Web] prefix if your prize is actually applicable to players from any region.

    Finally, any forum member may freely discuss topics related to guilds here. Consider it like a General Discussions section in regard to that one topic.

    Post Contents

    It's normal to have some degree of competitive spirit. You may think your guild is awesome, and beats any others. That's fine: show it, don't tell it. Flaming, insulting, and bragging posts don't contribute anything, and are below the quality standards of this section. If you think your guild is better, then go out there, be courteous, and then crush the competition - and then remain courteous.

    I recognize that there is a potential gray zone, between The Arena and Guild Discussions, for arranging guild vs guild PVP. Please handle this in The Arena. While they are applicable as guild events, they are better suited in the PVP section.

    Prohibited Actions

    You may not go into other guild's threads and insult them or shit talk them. You may not go into another guild's thread and challenge/goad them. You wouldn't want some stranger to barge into your home demanding you get into a fight with them, so don't do it here, either.

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