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    Dev Logs Intro Empty Dev Logs Intro

    Post by Shippuu Sun May 01, 2016 6:58 am

    Welcome to the Dev Logs!

    You may have noticed that you can't make threads or reply here. This is my corner to post about what's going on with the Armory. What is being made, what is being worked on, what issues are arising, etc. This will also be the place where all update/patch notes are posted as of May 2016.

    The inspiration for this stemmed from Josh Parnell's Dev Blog for Limit Theory, his forum is here: http://forums.ltheory.com/. Mine definitely won't be anywhere near as entertaining/long/consistent as he made his, but it struck me at how interesting it was to read his daily dev log about the game and what breakthroughs/challenges arose each day.

    Once I get time, I'm going to create and fill in an archive post of every update/patch note currently stored on my site. This will free up the Home page, to do...something. Maybe it will actually be a standard home page promoting the site's features. A shocker.

    Once the archive post is up, any post in this section at all will represent a status update or live site update. If you want to discuss a specific non-archived subject from the Dev Logs, you can post a thread regarding it in its respective feedback section. EX: In Toolkit Feedback, a thread titled "May 2016 Patch Notes: What about Item Compare?" that is complaining about how I've neglected Item Compare.

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