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    Post by Shippuu Sun May 01, 2016 7:16 am

    These are ideas that are either not feasible, not going to happen, or are already on my "To Do List". Aside from the To Do List, I will mention each thing you are not allowed to suggest here, alongside an explanation. Jumping right into it...

    1.) 3D Gear Previewing

    While I have discovered that this is actually theoretically possible, it is so laughably far beyond what I am capable of coding. As a secondary issue, this would be 4-5GB of files, and you'd die of boredom before it loaded. As a third, and bigger, issue: Nexon would likely sue the hell out of me.

    2.) A DPS Calculator for "optimal dps combos"

    I've had it suggested several times that I add a tool that calculates the damage per second of each combo or sequence of attacks, so that people know which is best to use. I am ideologically opposed to this, and so I will never make such a thing. While the Archives will eventually show the calculated damage and raw multipliers of each attack, I will never write anything that suggests using one dps method over another. Play the game how you want, not rigidly structured just to do the most damage.

    3.) An Account System

    People have asked many times if they could create an account to store their profile data in, instead of their browser cache via localStorage. The answer to this is no. Creating a secure account system is beyond my abilities, and so will not happen anywhere in the near future. There is no sensitive data being stored, but if the system is insecure, one random troll or glitch could delete all of the stored data. That would be terrible.

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