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    Post by Shippuu Sun May 01, 2016 7:50 am

    These are ideas that have either been suggested to me, or that I have decided on my own to implement. I will list below what things are already on my list, and a short summary of each:

    1.) Micro-Armory

    It's been asked a LOT about when I will make my site work on Mobile. The short answer is: I want to, but I don't know when it will happen. The Micro-Armory is going to be a second copy of the Armory, except with several less useful features chopped off (such as the display of Stamina Regen/sec, the second larger boss list, etc). It will not have right click menus, and will function on touch devices.

    I am currently working on revamping the core code to support the new stats, and to take a double whammy approach, the new code I am writing is also aimed toward the Micro-Armory and Mobile Item Compare tools. The Archives will inherently support touch, given a lack of right click to begin with.

    2.) Add X Item to the site

    As I work toward the Archives being online and complete, I intend to add in EVERY missing piece of equipment/every enchant scroll/every material. This is a gradual process, but it is happening. It is also why I added the level filters to the Armory Item List way back.

    3.) Add Region selection to the site

    Already in the works, subtly. There was a patch a month or two ago where selecting your language also toggled the flags for unreleased/released items by region. Support already existed for region-specific translations of item names, but it was incomplete. Eventually, once I get time, this will expand to a separate option from language selection, and will also eventually toggle content differences such as new stats/characters/etc.

    4.) Fixing Item Compare's UI

    I am aware that Item Compare has funky issues with its placement of lines and highlighting due to how the HTML is structured. I do plan to correct this, it's just very awkward to work on, and hasn't really warranted dev time over other things that have been coming up lately. I do want to fix it soon-ish though.

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