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    Post by Shippuu on Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:03 am

    As you've likely seen, I don't have access to the domain vindictusmanual.com anymore, and haven't for over a year. I could pay money to get it back, but I do not plan to do this. Later this year, it will leave my control, and I do not plan to do anything about this either. Take this as your warning; I will not be using the Vindictus Manual name anymore. Anything that happens from that point on, if anything, is not me.

    As some may have seen me mention in the unofficial community Discord previously, I HAVE been working on a fully modern build of the Armory. A version 4.0 build infact, since the 3.0 concept failed and got entirely scrapped too. If this build goes online, which I hope to work out somehow, it will not use the Vindictus Manual domain either. It will have an entirely new name. Due to trademark concerns, whatever name it has will not even contain "Vindictus", though I don't have a specific in mind yet.

    For my lack of creativity, these forums will now be called "Shippuu's Forums" until a more appropriate name is decided. The actual link to these will not change, because that would inconvenience a lot of people, but the name of the forums will.

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