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    [NA] Today's GM Auction "event"

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    [NA] Today's GM Auction "event" Empty [NA] Today's GM Auction "event"

    Post by Shippuu Tue May 03, 2016 8:31 pm

    Earlier today, on both East and West servers (not sure if Australia was included or not), [GM]Drataso held an "event" where players competed in bidding to purchase NX items from him.

    These items ranged from 200 Merc Pot Plus, regularly attainable items, on up to Gold Gnoll Chieftains, which were only obtainable via heavy prolonged farming or participating in a cash gachapon.

    There WAS a thread about this on the official forums, but it was deleted because the VFM absolutely cannot survive missing an opportunity to abuse their powers. No reason was given for the deletion of this thread, because the VFM have no oversight and thus no reason to bother with human decency.

    Given the lack of explanation, I will take the personal assumption that the thread was deleted due to Nexon becoming aware that they have made a mistake running this event (there is a very good reason that companies running MMOs are NEVER allowed to trade with players...), and decided to bury it under the rug instead of own up to it.

    So that there exists a public record that this "event" existed and what exactly happened, I have made this thread.

    The specifics of the event:
    [GM]Drataso would send out a Server Megaphone announcing he is hosting an event, and any can participate by coming to a certain channel (it was 10 on East, not sure for West).

    On this channel, [GM]Drataso announced he would be auctioning items, and the winner gets them. These items consisted of the following:

    • 200 Merc Recovery Pots Plus
    • 20 Divine Blessing
    • 2 Enhancement Rune
    • 1 Premium Enhancement Rune
    • Supreme Wings Box
    • Gold Gnoll Chieftain
    • White Phoenix Wings
    • Phoenix Wings
    • Chef Outfitter Set
    • Horn Rimmed Glasses
    • Name Change Coupon
    • 2 "AP Capsule Box" (amount contained was never specified)
    • Cupid Familiar
    • Prime Bunny Ear Headband
    • 12 Premium Bath Soap
    • 15 Goddess Grace Party
    • 15 Lugh Lamhfada Battle Boxes
    • Panda Costume Set
    • +8 Enhancement Coupon
    • Shining Halo

    Note: This list is a mix of items from East and West. The items sold on each server were not identical, but did sometimes overlap. The Gold Gnoll Chieftain was sold on both servers.

    Upon winning a bid, [GM]Drataso instructs the winner to send him the gold via normal mail (with the higher mail fee), as he cannot COD. After sending the gold, you would receive the item you won from Vindictus GM in the mail.

    Controversy arose from this event for many reasons:

    * It is generally a fact that the companies running multiplayer games such as Vindictus generally never get involved in trade with players, due to their ability to spawn items/gold out of thin air, damaging the economy and integrity of the game.

    * It is definitely a fact if a player openly tries to sell these same NX items, and is caught by a GM, they will be banned for breaking the ToS. Cases of hypocrisy like this can be baffling.

    * Given that the event caters to those who bid the most, it is inevitable fact that gold buyers had full control of the flow of this event, if they had any interest whatsoever in the items being offered.

    * Selling items such as the Gold Gnoll Chieftain for gold undermines the time and/or money investment of those that obtained it the legitimate way. It would be especially vexing for those that bought into the gachapons and later hear that the item they spent so much for was sold for a comparatively small amount of gold.

    * The items arrived in a permanently bound untradable state, which the participants were not previously informed of. The NX items sent in this fashion appeared normal in their tooltips, but turned out to be impossible to move through Shared Storage afterward, even if that item was normally able to. This led to some of the participants spending gold on items that turned out to be worthless (they were not sent via COD, they had to pay first). Drataso would refund the gold spent on the vanity items if asked, but it is unclear if this option was available for items that were only visibly permabound AFER claiming them.

    What are your thoughts on this event?

    I personally farmed the Gold Gnoll Chieftain the hard way, all 1250 boxes worth, and then bought the normal chieftain as was required to get it. The amount I spent on the regular chieftain alone was comparable to the amount Drataso sold the Gold Gnoll Chieftain for on both servers, so it does upset me a little that it rendered my days of farming worthless.

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