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    Post by Seolin Fri May 06, 2016 2:00 pm

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    Hallo hallo! Welcome to my thread full of art goodies  yay

    I go by Seo, and I'd like to use this opportunity to showcase some of my art as well as offer a chance for people to commission me. As of now, I am opening avatar commissions for a price if anyone happens to be interested. 

    Do you do requests?

    • Occasionally, however this thread is not the place to ask for requests. Solely for your eye candy or commission interest only.

    Do you have a deviantart?

    Will you ever do full body/half body commissions?

    • Yes, depending on your request. Avatars are quick and easy to make, but full/half body commissions take a little more time and detail. Depending on the request, I have the right to refuse your commission. If you are interested in a bigger commission, please contact me. 

    How can I contact you?

    I want to commission you for an avatar! What do I do?

    • Comment on this thread if you are interested. Please provide me with the following:
    • A clear up-close reference of your character (avatar/outfitter shop screenies preferred) 
    • Your preferred method of payment (Sadly, I am only able to accept gold for payment if you are on West server) 
    • Avatar default size is 364 x 367; I will provide you with one extra size, 100x100 (max size for the original Vindictus forums) but if you want a specific size please add that in your post. 
    • If you have any specifications such as text/animation (i.e. GIF), I can also do that. 

    What is the commission process?

    • I will reply to you if I accept your commission. 
    • If paying with USD, payment should be sent by PayPal to vivianbbyy@hotmail.com 
    • Use this payment option:
    • ► Seo's Art Shop Unknown
    • If paying with gold, you MUST be on WEST server. Default cost is 15mil, but any extra add-ons (text/animation) will cost an extra 5mil. 
    • Provide me with your in-game username, I will COD you a random item for the cost of the commission. 

    *I will only start the commission when payment is received. 

    Thank you for your interest!

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