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    Meta: The official NA forums, secret enforced CoC (parts of it)

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    Meta: The official NA forums, secret enforced CoC (parts of it) Empty Meta: The official NA forums, secret enforced CoC (parts of it)

    Post by Shippuu Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:32 am

    This sounds really clickbaity, and I apologize. However, it is literally a secret Code of Conduct that they enforce rules based on. I have decided to make no further use of the official forums personally, but several EU players are running into confusion over enforced rules that are not actually stated in the public ToS and CoC. Ideally, this thread will help to reveal the full rule-set that is enforced by Nexon NA, thereby making it harder for NA to arbitrarily ban uninformed users to silence them.

    For NA players, this might sound vaguely familiar. WAY back, a long time ago, when Trixieeee was still around, there was an instance where it became apparent such a rule set existed. Rules were being enforced that were not stated before then. So, logically, requests were made about where those rules were. Those posts were deleted. Eyebrows risen, threads were made requesting to see the full Code of Conduct, in detail with these additional runes. Those threads were deleted. There is no way to know if Nexon NA themselves created these rules, or if the VFM invented them themselves to gain more power (unlikely, but the total silencing of the subject of these rules is odd).

    Here is a full list of rules that have been enforced without anything previously stating their existence:

    • Do not bump a marketplace thread more than once per hour.
    • Do not backseat moderate. (This consists of disagreeing with a moderator, pointing out that a moderator is overstepping their power, or pointing out hypocritical actions that break the CoC)
    • Do not post images, messages, or any form of content that originated from a banned user. EX: If a permabanned user posts an image of their char, you can't post that image on the official NA forums.
    • If a thread was locked for ANY reason other than necroposting, if you post a thread referring to that thread, or covering the same subject as the locked thread, it is "against the CoC" and will be re-locked or outright deleted. EX: If a thread about a major issue is locked, you can't discuss it again.

    Is this list short? Yes. Due to the sheer nature of the fact that the rule set is secret, it is difficult to determine its contents.

    I only included rules that are distinctly different from those in the public CoC, and only those whose existence can be confirmed via VFM comments (after taking actions to enforce these rules). These explanatory comments are rare at best, and so there are likely at least a few more unstated rules.

    Also a reminder that referencing the existence of this secret CoC is against the secret CoC (or an equivalent of) so please don't. You also aren't allowed to make reference to secret rules being enforced.

    If you know of any other rules like this, *that are not in the publicly visible rules* please post here. Alongside explanation, please also include an image of the Nexon or VFM post. This is so that if they go back and edit it, the record still exists.

    If I am wrong, and a rule on this list actually does exist in the public copies, please correct me. I will verify it with the wayback machine, to ensure that they did not add it after the fact to claim that I am being dishonest.

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