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    We need a fan site for ingame trading

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    We need a fan site for ingame trading Empty We need a fan site for ingame trading

    Post by Shippuu Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:12 am

    Several times in the past I've discussed in the main Vindictus Discord server about how I wanted to make a site that would serve as a buying/selling hub in place of the shitty official forums, or the inefficient Marketplace ingame. Upon realizing that my skillset alone is simply not capable of this, I bounced the idea around with a few people who thought they DID have the skills to do it, but nothing came of it, either from real world duties or from circumstances.

    All else having failed, I'd like to simply post my ideas on it here. For anyone who has the capability and the opportunity to do this, I would love to see it come to fruition, and I am sure a lot of players in many servers would enjoy using it. For anyone who doesn't have the know how to make it, they could help via solidifying these thoughts and plans by providing feedback, criticism, and suggestions.

    Starting off, the overall idea of it:
    When selling things, it's hard to find buyers. When buying things, it's hard to find sellers. When trading...nobody trades. Even when you do establish contact to buy or sell, what is the item worth? These issues can be frustrating, and this lack of knowledge can be crippling. I'd like to see an all-in-one trading platform for all of these issues. Users would be able to create listings for selling things, listings for buying things, and even listings for trades. Additionally, the platform would be able to collect these buy/sell/trade values, and calculate an accurate average market value of the item.

    With this information and ease of access, someone who doesn't pay much attention to the market could obtain a Declarative Enchant Scroll, to use an example item, and immediately know what it is worth, via the shown average market price on the site. This player could then list the item on the site, and eventually find a seller just from that. Using a system of sorting by offer/price rather than chronological order, bumping would become unnecessary, and finding good deals would become just as pain free.

    If you have played Path of Exile, you may be aware of the site http://poe.trade. It is the main source of my inspiration for this. It is an AMAZING resource.

    The specifics:

    Creating listings should require an account on the platform, verified by email, and later by ingame verification. For each of East, West, Australia, and Europe, ideally certain players would volunteer to "authenticate" accounts on the trade platform. The purpose of this would be to deter/prevent fraudulent listings by guaranteeing that no anonymous listings can exist, as they must all be "backed" by an ingame identity. Additional precautions should be taken to prevent one user from having multiple accounts on the platform, not to be specified so as to prevent circumvention. Optionally, unverified users should be able to create listings, at penalty of the default search showing only results from verified accounts, and that their listings do not get applied to average price calculation.

    Users should be able to create individual listings for each thing that they wish to buy, sell, or trade for, either one by one (if more than one), or as a batch all at once to be automatically split into separate listings.

    Buy listings would state the thing that they want to buy, to varying levels of specification (any +15 Lv60 weapon, any Innocent Cry, or all the way up to the specifics of a +15 5* +3 Critical Righteous Bloodlust Regina Bastard Sword with 200 durability). The presence of an exact amount for their offer should be optional, though a search filter should exist to filter out Buy listings that have no stated offer, or offers of below a certain amount.

    Sell listings would state the exact thing that they are selling, to as fine of a detail level as the seller feels is worthwhile, except that remaining binds must be stated. Like with Buy offers, it should be optional whether or not to include an asking price. In addition to this, auction format listings should be able to handle bidding automatically, showing a current offer (with IGN), buyout price, and hiding the listing when the Buyout is met (if one is set). Again in common with Buy listings, it should be possible to search only for Sell listings that have listed set prices, only those with buyout prices, or either of the above.

    Trade listings would be like buy listings, except that instead of a price, they would be required to list the items/gold involved in their offer, with the same conditions as the Sell listings (remaining binds on items must be specified, the rest is optional). Optionally, the platform depending on feasibility could display an estimated average total market value for the trade offer, and again optionally allow searching by it.

    All listings should include the IGN of the listing creator, the date it was created/updated/renewed, and a report button for fraudulent or misleading listings. Repeated false bidding or false list creation would result in being banned from the platform, and depending on the creator's discretion, possibly listed on a trade blacklist on the platform, of users to avoid.

    For something like this to actually exist and survive, you will need these things:
    * A Domain Name (purchased annually, prices vary in the $15 a year area)
    * A good, fast, reliable Web host (These can be hard to find, and expensive)
    * Knowledge of creating/using databases (to archive and reference the listings)
    * Server-side programming knowledge (to create the code required to work with the databases of listings)
    * Standard front-end Web site design skills (making it look nice for the user, making it work smoothly)

    Functionally, for convenience, I would be willing to create a module on the V3 UI of Vindictus Manual to drag and drop items into it to automatically generate item data for Market listings. The Market platform would require its own module to accept this data, which I would again be willing to help with setting up if necessary (and if I can understand enough of the structure of the platform to help with it).

    Unfortunately, I would not be able to provide Vindictus Manual icons or item data for the purpose of this platform. The data I use is manually named/formatted, and is not compatible with something like this. You'd need to generate the data yourself from the game's database file to get an actually complete set of items.

    I typed all of this up as something that was strongly nagging at me before I went to sleep, so if I overlooked anything or forgot some words in sentences as I tend to do when half asleep, please leave a post pointing it out. If anyone wants to be the hero that makes this, please be the hero that we need.

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