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    The 19th Hero, Danah

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    The 19th Hero, Danah Empty The 19th Hero, Danah

    Post by Shippuu Wed Jun 30, 2021 4:06 am

    Danah is the 19th character, an INT-type wielding 'Spirit Blade'. This thread will just be compiling other sources of info, for those who aren't good at navigating Inven or KR youtube videos.

    Mercenary Lounge

    Friendship Skill Partner: Lethor
    Favored Gifts: Energy Elixir, Small Doll

    Avatar Shop

    Makeup Options (Credit to 슈테른)
    Both Unique Hairs (Credit to 슈테른)

    Emotes and etc

    Dance (Credit to 슈테른)
    Avatar Shop Poses (Credit to 슈테른)
    Town Emotes (Credit to 슈테른)
    Sitting Animations (Credit to 슈테른)

    Voice Emotes

    30 Voice Emotes (Credit to 슈테른)

    Lv60 Unique Sets

    Phoenix Soul Set (Credit to 슈테른)
    Commander's Soul Set (Credit to 슈테른)

    Weapon Images

    Spirit Blade models (Most of them) (Credit to 뱀파이어의딸)

    Path Transformations

    Dark Knight (Credit to 슈테른)
    Paladin (Credit to 슈테른)
    Paladin and Dark Knight (Credit to 짱구같은아이 Hornets)


    (I limited links to one per channel for variety of playstyle, some uploaders might have more than one Danah video uploaded.)
    All Skills Intro (Uploader: 리카운터 ReCounter Vindictus)
    Hold Skill (Uploader: 적절한김씨)

    Balor Solo (Uploader: 들판녀)

    Before Second Round of Buffs:

    Test Server:

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