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    Guides - Section Specific Rules

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    Guides - Section Specific Rules Empty Guides - Section Specific Rules

    Post by Gallagher Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:47 pm

    When posting a thread in the Guides section, you will need to abide by these rules.

    What Threads Are Allowed?

    You may post guides about tactics, content, and tricks here, as long as the guide does not cover how to do something that harms the game or its players.

    For example, you can post guides about where to farm for gold or the cheapest way to raise expertise, but you may not post guides about how to mod the game or break boss AI (a random example, this isn't an actually possible thing).

    Post Contents

    There will not be an enforced minimum standard of thread quality here, so long as your thread is actually a guide. Of course, guides that are made better will be more helpful and appreciated, so it benefits everyone to make them as high quality as you can.

    When posting in reply to a guide, keep in mind that criticism is supposed to be constructive, not insulting. If you take issue with something in a guide, please calmly and politely explain what and why, instead of telling them that their guide sucks and they should quit the Internet.

    Prohibited Actions

    As mentioned previously, you may not post guides about damaging subjects such as AI exploits or game file modifications.

    It should go without saying, but you cannot take another user's guides or content and post it as if it was your own. In addition, you may not post their guides or content without their explicit permission, even if you were going to credit them for it. - Content in this case includes files, text, images, video, and audio.

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