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    Technical Issues - Section Specific Rules

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    Technical Issues - Section Specific Rules Empty Technical Issues - Section Specific Rules

    Post by Gallagher Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:58 pm

    When posting a thread in the Technical Issues section, you will need to abide by these rules.

    What Threads Are Allowed?

    If you are having problems running a program, or even your entire OS, you can seek help here. If you are having weird glitches with a program, you can seek help here.

    ...Unless your software is illegitimately obtained. We are not wizards, but if it becomes apparent that the program/software you are having issues with is pirated, your thread will be locked. Piracy is illegal, and I don't think more explanation is needed than that.

    Post Contents

    When asking for help here, please do try to provide details of the issue. If you say that the program/software is failing to load, with no explanation of what is happening, we won't have anywhere to start from.

    If you are getting an error message, please make sure to post what it says, or a picture of the error message (this is preferable). If the program/software does anything consistent before crashing or whatever issue, mention that too.

    Prohibited Actions

    You may not make threads about how to break the ToS of any online game here. You may not ask for help getting pirated or otherwise illegitimate software to work.

    If you suggest "help" that harms the PC of anyone who uses it (such as delete System 32), you will be section banned on the first offense, even if it is a "joke".

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