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    Post by Shippuu Sun May 01, 2016 12:28 pm

    My old site wasn't the only Vindictus fansite in the world, though there aren't many of them. In this thread, I will be listing down the various other community sites and places so that they can be more known and more used.

    Vindictus Discord

    The current perma-link is https://discord.gg/XSJENwB.
    A text/voice chat room hosted on Discord's servers for English speaking Vindictus players of any and all regions. Exceeding a thousand members and with hundreds present daily, this remains the largest Discord server for the Vindictus community.

    Vindictus Inn

    Located at http://vindictusinn.ga/, Vindictus Inn is Sanitee's personally made fan site for pretty much all things Vindictus. Where my site covers all things stats, Vindictus Inn manages to cover basically everything else, offering a huge amount of information via it's Item Database, Title Database, and other resources.


    Do you want your site/place listed here? PM me and I'll look into it!

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