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    KR - The Smash 3 Update

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    KR - The Smash 3 Update Empty KR - The Smash 3 Update

    Post by Shippuu Wed May 25, 2016 10:26 am

    The KR Test Server received an update today. It doesn't seem to be Smash Part 3, I think, but it has...interesting...content.

    I don't want to go off of machine translated notes again, so here is the rough sum of what's known so far:
    * Arisha, Sylas, and Delia got changes
    * A new area was added, for player vs player competition things
    * A favorites bar was added to the inventory UI
    * Royal Army raids got slight changes
    * Niflheim received changes
    * A character-specific chat was added, not sure if its server-wide or if its like the current chat rooms.

    Will add in more information as it appears.

    The complete set of patch notes can be found here, on Inven:

    The below sections ARE NOT COMPLETE:

    1: The solo-only challenge minigames

    Master of spears, final bonus round:

    Master of avoiding walls, regular round?:

    2: Character Changes

    Lynn, Arisha, Sylas, and Delia received tweaks.


    You can now use Five Finger Death immediately after Lynn's SP skills finish landing their hits (Excluding Flying Snow).


    Arisha has received a new 250 SP skill that gives 100 active (usable) Mana when used.

    Certain SP skills now generate Mana when they hit an enemy. They are:

    • Counter Drain - 15 Mana
    • Ruin Blade - 10 Mana
    • Ruin Blade ASDSW hit - 30 Mana
    • Resonance - 230 Mana
    • Temporal Shift - 80 Mana

    Perfect Mana Drain does NOT multiply the Mana given from these, unfortunately.


    • Spirit Cutter now applies to Sylas' third normal in addition to just his fourth.
    • You can dodge cancel out of Phantasmic Slash's animation sooner than before.
    • Phantom Force: Blade now grants increased stamina regeneration, at these rates:

      • Level 4 - 1 Stamina/sec
      • Level 5 - 2 Stamina/sec
      • Level 6 - 3 Stamina/sec


    • Wild Star now charges faster (The one where you hold R while standing still).
    • With correct block timing, Delia's followup counter no longer consumes SP.
    • The buff granted by Rosecrush now lasts for 1:30, 30 seconds longer than before. Additionally, it now grants +25 Attack Speed, instead of +20.

    3: Niflheim Changes

    The ATT cap has been removed from Niflheim battles, the same way it was removed in the Royal Army raids.

    The stats of the Niflheim raid bosses have been slightly changed:

    • Their ATT has been increased to 14,000, up from 12800-13000.
    • Their DEF has been increased to 11,000, up from 9000-9500.
    • Their HP is unchanged.

    The chance to obtain higher tier gems from the Bracelet Gem Boxes has been increased. The exact amount is unknown, and the chance of obtaining a fine/superior gem now is still unknown.

    Masterpiece Bracelet Boxes will now drop in Season 3 battles. The chances of getting a non-Leather bracelet have increased. The exact amount is still unknown.

    Lockdowns cannot be used in Niflheim battles.

    You will be able to revive up to 3 times in Hard mode Niflheim raids. It is still unknown whether this is per party or per player.

    4: Royal Army Raids

    A buff seems to have been added for Level 30-89 players, which grants +2400 ATT. I can't confirm if this is actually in use, though.

    5: The Favorites Bar

    It appears below your storage chests and equipment panel, and seems to be just a shortcut to looking at items to see how many of it you have, or to quickly use certain things.

    I don't yet know anything beyond what's visually obvious in a pic.

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