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    Delia Tips

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    Delia Tips Empty Delia Tips

    Post by Essa Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:38 am

    Here are my tips for Delia:

    1. Fast skipping is a neat trick to cover a given distance quicker than if you were to run it. Be aware this move eats a lot of stamina quite quickly.

    Buttons: Gravity Hop (move forward and dodge) + smash button at the same time repeatedly while in a battle.

    Note: If you do this well then you will not smash at the end.

    2. Landing smashes can be difficult but if you swing your normal attacks in the air away from the boss and only connect with the smashes (at the very least with the last smash) then you will be able to hit the boss more often. This might sound easy but bosses are still fast! So, what do you do? You try to anticipate where the boss will be by the time you land your smash.

    Example: Elchulus is infamous for moving quickly. However! His moves are quite predictable once you learn them. You almost always want to be ahead of him. Why? Because he mostly moves forward. Instead of catching up to him after he does his paw swipe you should get to the spot where he will be before he even lands the attack so you can start winding up your attack early.

    3. Guarding gives a lot of SP. Yes, it says this in the skill description but some people do not bother paying attention to them. The SP gain is quite significant and should be noted if you are SP starved (especially when you do not have a cat statue).

    4. You can skip a normal attack under the right condition!

    Condition: When you use gravity hop and right click you skip to the second normal attack.


    Rising Comet regularly:
    normal + normal + smash + pause + smash

    Rising Comet under the condition:
    Gravity Hop + smash + normal + smash + pause + smash

    5. In normal dungeons and some raids (low levels mainly) you will encounter mobs. Consider using level 4 Wild Star three times to have 3 stacks (which is max) of vigor. Vigor is a buff, not a skill, from hitting a monster with a level 4 Wild Star and it increases you damage based on how many stacks you have. Be aware if you get hit too many times you lose a stack of vigor! Anyway, to make boss battles faster you should consider getting the buff before reaching the boss.

    These tips are more for noobs than for advanced players. Anyway, I welcome any additional tips and any questions or feedback concerning the tips given in this thread.

    Happy Delia-ing Smile

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