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    KR Dev Log - Winter 2016

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    KR Dev Log - Winter 2016 Empty KR Dev Log - Winter 2016

    Post by Shippuu Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:05 am

    KR has posted a new Dev Log regarding their plans for this Winter. The release of a second weapon is directly mentioned, but not for which character, or what weapon type.

    The full notes are here, not translated so far:

    Will update this with more information when possible.
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    KR Dev Log - Winter 2016 Empty Re: KR Dev Log - Winter 2016

    Post by TheDayInLove Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:47 am

    Rough translation of the dev blog:

    Stuff about character development
    Derpcat noticed the difficulty in character development, when ppl attacking the duck and the fish on the boat because they couldn’t find any monster to kill.
    “Create party” button changed to “Ready for battle”.
    Eliminated confusing low level item (low rank scrolls, broken items etc).
    Equipment mastery, character growth goals and level 90 gear combination reorganized.
    More tip for battles in Ruin of Sanctity.
    “Easy mode” changed to “1 Player mode”.
    Allow you to skip dialogues.
    Old way: one trans per hour to gain exp required for level up
    New way: change the way you earn exp, the skills you can learn in transform, and a new tab in the UI for those skills.
    S3C2: In Paradise Ep3
    Ready for a preview, battles, raids and other change will be announced in a later update.
    New 2nd Weapon
    1st update of the winter is a 2nd weapon. Will be released as soon as possible, and more info will be released in last week of Nov or 1st week of Dec.

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