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    Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server]

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    Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server] Empty Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server]

    Post by Shippuu Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:23 am

    NOTE: This post is going to be gradually restructed, as specific info arises. Information may move, and redundant/inaccurate information may disappear.

    As a quick note to begin with: Teide are crafted with Weaponsmithing.

    Transformation Animations

    Paladin (Source post)
    Dark Knight (Source post)

    Teide Weapon Images

    (The sword part is not shown, as they are all identical to the Spellswords.)
    Shadow Teide - Lakoria's (Source post)

    Live Server Gameplay

    Regina Solo (Ein Lacher) - RainTear

    Eochaid (Party run) - 홍지훈

    The Chapter 2 Episode 3 Normal Dungeon - 꿀싸대기

    Other Changes (Non-Teide)

    New Equipment Preset Tabs

    It looks like you will be able to have more than one gear tab now. At Lv.70, you will unlock the second gear tab. At Lv.90, you will unlock the third. Below is an image of one of these new tabs, click on the image to be taken to the Inven thread that has more images:

    Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server] I13862180480

    You can multi-equip one item into more than one tab, and a single key press will let you switch between entire sets. Outfitter items/visibility settings remain the same before and after changing sets with this feature.

    View Info Changes

    When choosing View Info on other players, they will now have three tabs. The second tab will show their inner armors/hairs/makeup/etc, the third tab will show their outfitters. You will be able to preview their outfitters from this. You can click on this image to be taken to the Inven thread about the changes:

    Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server] I16471118508

    Pre-Test Server info is below:

    So KR posted their weekly teaser today, and it was the reveal of Hurk's second weapon this time.

    I don't want to steal their views, so here is the link, and I'll post only two images from it:
    Mabinogi: Heroes Official Facebook

    Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server] 15589540_1217989438238643_4774517706781798114_n

    Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server] 15578964_1217989421571978_3764750868780249660_n

    Previous listed predictions for the Test Server date have turned out to be inaccurate. There is an event ending on the week of January 11th, to sign up for an event that will give out a Lv.90 Teide, or whatever the proper name is. Based on this, the Test Server will open on January 4th, and we will get a teaser today, instead. This is still speculation.

    The text in the teaser pics refers to Hurk using a Shotgun and a Spellsword. There was reasoning about not wanting to make a bunch of new models, which sounds like excuses. This sounds like confirmation that all of the Spellsword models are reused.

    We don't yet know if Hurk uses two separate items like Arisha does, or if it is a single weapon that is two items, like for Lann and Vella. Based on the colors of the gun and sword, my speculation is that they are a single item. This is *speculation* though.

    Even if it is two separate items, surely he doesn't literally use Spellswords...They are M.ATT focused, and their enhancement applies almost nothing to physical ATT. This should be referring to only model reuse.

    On Wednesday, Mabinogi: Heroes Facebook posted a video teaser of some of the attacks the Teide weapon type can do. That video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSAx4S6GhzM

    From what was explained in the teaser video, left clicking uses sword swing normal attacks, and right clicking uses the gun to shoot smash attacks. Some method can be used to aim down the sight of the gun, for slower and probably stronger shots. The method to actually do this was not explained.

    Currently waiting on remaining translations of what was being said.

    On January 4th, a Dev Note was posted about Teide, explaining the mechanics. You can find it here: KR Dev Note. Having a translator go through this would be great.

    Tariro in Discord determined that it said the following, in a kind of skim reading:
    * Sword swings inflict a three level wound debuff when hitting enemies. You build up the stacks by attacking with your sword, and it will go away if you do not use your sword for too long. The wound debuff increases damage dealt to that enemy with shotgun attacks.
    * The shotgun requires reloading for its stronger attacks. You can attack without reloading, but it will be weaker.
    * Reloading is performed by dodging, standing still, and through some skills. (It isn't yet known if this requires a key press to reload like xgun Kai, or if this is automatic.)
    * Possibly a mention of timing reloads for enhanced bullet effects? (This implies there is a reload button.)
    * The shotgun has long range, but it will deal more damage the closer you are to the target.
    * There is a double-firing mode, to deal double damage with any attack except his sixth smash.

    SP Skills:
    * Split Slash: Immediately inflicts the level 3 wound debuff.
    * Spinning Slash: Deals little damage, but restores stamina.
    * Impact Sure Shot: An aimed attack with the shotgun.

    The Test Server is online, and Teide is on it as of now! Sample vid of the Paladin animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYSKoFv4sxE

    I will update with more information as it arises.

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    Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server] Empty Re: Hurk's Second Weapon: Teide [Now on the KR Live Server]

    Post by Shippuu Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:25 am

    Some random video uploads from Test Server players:

    Titan (Ein Lacher) - B TANK

    Muir - B TANK

    Cromm Cruaich - Cheackful

    Havan (I think this is Solo Mode) - Garvram Kr

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