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    Dressing Room Part 2

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    Dressing Room Part 2 Empty Dressing Room Part 2

    Post by Shippuu Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:10 am

    This update should be arriving to NA in November or December, likely November, so its about time to have a thread compiling together everything about the update. Additionally, I found some info only yesterday that massively upends our previous info about this update, in a very good way. So have this thread to cover everything, and dispel our previously wrong assumptions.

    With Dressing Room 2, there are two components:
    1: New Outfit and Dye preview capabilities
    2: New Dress Skills

    New Outfit and Dye preview capabilities

    These improvements have no requirements, and are available to everyone. In the Simulation Room of the Wardrobe, you will be able to preview outfit items, even if you do not own them. Additionally, you will be able to preview any amount of any colors (entered by RGB) on these items. Multiple dye previewing is finally here.

    As an extra bonus, if you like the colors you are looking at, there is a button on the UI to purchase the colors off the MP without even leaving the Simulation Room. So long as they are for sale, that is.

    New Dress Skills

    With Part 2 comes more Dress Skills, and some of these have very high point requirements. With these skills you can unlock some very useful capabilities though...

    First, before going into the skills, here is the table of their requirements. The NA prices are NOT yet known, so those values are speculations based on the Part 1 requirements. Additionally, for clarity's sake, I am using more literal names than the actual translations for these skill names.

    [table2 width="475px"]
    [title]Dressing Room 2, Dress Skills[/title]
    [cell color="#E3C765"]Dress Skill[/cell]
    [cell color="#E3C765"]Requirement[/cell]
    [cell]Quick Dye Production[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center"]250[/cell]
    [cell]Quick Dye Production Preview Discount[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center"]350[/cell]
    [cell]Quick Dye Production: Second Color[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center"]450[/cell]
    [cell color="#337F33"]Emote: Bouquet[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#337F33"]750[/cell]
    [cell color="#A92828"]Avatar Cloning Box 1[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#A92828"]750[/cell]
    [cell color="#337F33"]Emote: Cherry Blossoms[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#337F33"]1240[/cell]
    [cell color="#A92828"]Avatar Cloning Box 2[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#A92828"]1250[/cell]
    [cell color="#FBA672"]Superior Dye Crafting[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#FBA672"]1500[/cell]
    [cell color="#558891"]Premium Dye Ampoule Quantity Limit Increase 1[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#558891"]1500[/cell]
    [cell color="#558891"]Premium Dye Ampoule Quantity Limit Increase 2[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#558891"]1700[/cell]
    [cell color="#337F33"]Emote: Present[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#337F33"]1750[/cell]
    [cell color="#A92828"]Avatar Cloning Box 3[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#A92828"]1750[/cell]
    [cell color="#FBA672"]Special Dye Crafting[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#FBA672"]1800[/cell]
    [cell color="#558891"]Premium Dye Ampoule Quantity Limit Increase 3[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#558891"]1900[/cell]
    [cell color="#337F33"]Emote: Feast on the Crescent Moon[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#337F33"]2000[/cell]
    [cell color="#A92828"]Avatar Cloning Box 4[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#A92828"]2250[/cell]
    [cell color="#A92828"]Avatar Cloning Box 5[/cell]
    [cell text-align="center" color="#A92828"]2750[/cell]

    I've color coded similar Dress Skills for convenience, and ordered the whole list by lowest to highest requirements. With that in mind, let's go through these group by group.

    Quick Dye Production

    This one is the most boring, so it doesn't even warrant a color. As can be seen, it also has a comparably low requirement. Quick Dye Production is effectively the same thing as how we roll dyes now, just no playing around on that annoying palette.

    Initially, you will be able to select one color from a list of pre-defined colors, and lock one of the six cursor slots to it. With the appropriate skill, you can lock two colors this way. The other four are random, and you can pay a gold fee to see what they are. As you can guess, the discount skill makes this gold fee slightly cheaper. I believe it goes from 10k to 7.5k.

    Like rolling dyes currently, the result is randomly selected from one of the six colors present.


    These are more emotes, nothing to really discuss here. If I find gifs of them, I will add gifs of the emotes here at a later date.

    Avatar Cloning Boxes

    These are a long requested feature, in a way. An Avatar Cloning Box allows you to take a full set of Avatar items (A helm, chest, leg, boot, glove), and send that set to another character on your account. The items do not have to be part of the same set, but you do have to fill all five slots to be able to send the contents over.

    Items cloned in this way do still have their stats, but the cloned versions do not give Wardrobe Points. Cloned items retain the dyes they had when they were cloned. Additionally, dyeing a cloned item does not modify the original. If you change your mind before actually using the box, it can be placed in shared storage to move to another character.

    Beware however, the color being Red for these was not a coincidence. There are some important things to keep in mind with these boxes.
    1: These skills can only be learned once per account, even if you delete the character that learned them.
    2: Once you have cloned a set with a box, that is it. It cannot be undone, and you cannot get that box back. Period.

    Premium Outfit Dye Ampoule Production

    Superior and Special Dye Crafting allow you to produce Premium Outfit Dye Ampoules. Unlike Quick Dye Production, once you select a color on these, it is 100% guaranteed to be the color in the ampoule. Since this is extremely useful, they have a high point requirement, a high production cost, and strict limits on their production.

    These dyes can roll special colors that cannot otherwise be obtained, except through events. Some are so unique that this is their only source at all. I don't know who to credit for this image, but this image shows all of the possible colors you can produce:

    Dressing Room Part 2 FnL5asS

    The "Premium Dyes" group is Superior Dye Crafting, and the "Special Dyes" group is Special Dye Crafting.

    These two skills have different production costs, but share a one use per week per character cooldown. So once you craft one, you cannot craft any more via either skill on that character until the weekly reset. The production costs are as follows:

    Superior Dye Crafting: 2x Empty Outfit Dye Ampoule + 7k AP
    Special Dye Crafting: 2x Empty Outfit Dye Ampoule + 15k AP

    For both skills, experimental dyes work as well. To prepare for these costs, you can buy the AP shop Experimental Dye Ampoule weekly, and farm lots of AP through battles. As well, you can buy the 3x 100 AP Capsules daily with Guild Seals.

    There are two final catches to these dyes. The first is that they are not tradable. The second is that you can only hold up to two Premium Outfit Dye Ampoules at once in your storage. The limit increase skills can raise this limit to up to five.

    You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned Clodagh's Dye Ampoules here. That's because these skills only produce Outfit Dye Ampoules. If you want to use these colors, be aware that you cannot put them on your weapon/shield.

    As the last of many notes on these dyes, I have one more thing to mention. Fortunately it is good news. Until yesterday, our assumption has been that these dye skills have been limited to one per account, like the cloning boxes. As it turns out, this is NOT the case. You can learn these skills on every single character on your account, if you want to.

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