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    Quality of Life Features

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    Quality of Life Features Empty Quality of Life Features

    Post by Shippuu Sat Apr 25, 2020 1:39 pm

    This thread is just to compile a list of all of the Quality of Life stuff that Vindictus has gained since RISE, that players might not know about due to a dire lack of patch notes in the NA region. Even when we get patch notes, they tend to be incomplete or unintentionally misleading.

    For now this will be unorganized, but if it gets long I will split into groups.

    Skill Awakening Recharge

    You can recharge Skill Awakenings from anywhere, just by right clicking a Waking Stone in your inventory. You can also dump your recharge points into an automatic restoration pool, which can store up to 999,999 durability to distribute on its own as skills get low.

    Item Composition, Synthesis, and Dismantling

    You can perform these features anywhere by right clicking a composite material, or right clicking "Sealed Power: Fragments" or "Inherited Power: Fragments".

    Check for items expiring soon

    By clicking the storage chest icon over your inventory, you can see a list of all items that are expiring within the next week.

    Check items obtained during a battle

    When in battle, if you want to view the drops you have obtained so far (but won't receive until battle clear), you can click the bag icon over your equipped gear beside where it says Battle Inventory. This will show all of the drops you have collected in the run so far.

    Improved Inventory Search

    When searching your inventory for an item now, alongside highlighting matching results, you will also get a results block listing all of the matched items, allowing you to jump to specific matches. This block happens to be to the right of your inventory and cannot be moved. If your inventory happens to be on the right edge of the screen, you will need to move it to use this feature.

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