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    The Forum Features Empty The Forum Features

    Post by Shippuu Sun May 01, 2016 11:13 am

    In this thread, I will go over the features of the forum, and in the case of my additions, how to use them.

    By default on Forumotion, you have these features:

    [tree title="Base Features"]
    [branch title="List"]
    [entry]A PM System[/entry]
    [entry]A Friend/Foe System (Foes are blocked users, basically)[/entry]
    [entry]Very poorly made BBCodes, such as table/list[/entry]
    [entry]Access to Polls[/entry]
    [entry]Proper scaling of large images[/entry]

    In addition to the base features, I have added a few of my own.

    1.) Guild Banners

    You can upload a Guild Banner to Postimage, where you can then add it to your info through your profile options. Only Postimage links are supported for now, due to security concerns. Images are forcibly resized to exactly 150x35, so be careful sizing your banners.

    2.)Familiar Smilies

    A form of the ingame smilies have been added to the forums, and have the same text commands to use as in-game. You can also access them via clicking "View more Emoticons" on the drop down on the smilies box and selecting Vindictus.

    If Nexon takes issue with their presence, I am willing to remove these on request.

    3.) The table2 BBCode

    Forumotion's default table BBCode is absolute garbage, and so I have elected to make my own. I could not delete the default table code or edit it, which resulted in having to use new names for my own replacement table. Its syntax is as follows:
    [table2] (Placeholder name)

    Example of usage:
    [title]Table Title[/title] (Optional tag)
    [head] (Creates a table header row, optional)
    [cell]Header 1[/cell]
    [cell]Header 2[/cell]
    [row] (Creates a normal row)
    [cell]Data 1[/cell]
    [cell]Data 2[/cell]
    [cell border="solid 1px red"]Data 1[/cell]
    [cell border-right="solid 1px #AAA" color="#AAA"]Data 2[/cell]

    The [head] tag defines a table header row automatically. There are no [th] equivalent tags. You just use
    [cell] and it will be a normal cell, unless inside of a [head] row. You can have only one [head] row.

    4.) The tree BBCode

    A nested list tag that was designed to handle large amounts of text or other data. The list in the Forum Rulebook thread uses this BBCode, if you'd like an example of it. Its syntax is as follows:

    Example of usage:
    [tree title="Season 3"]
      [branch title="Chapter 1"]
        [branch title="Episode 1"]
          [entry color="#558891"]Regina[/entry]
          [entry]Ancient Glas[/entry]
          [entry]Lugh Lamhfada[/entry]
      [branch title="Chapter 2"]
        [branch title="Episode 1"]
          [branch title="Eochaid"]
            [branch title="Drops"]
              [entry]Some item[/entry]
              [entry]Some item[/entry]
              [entry]Some item[/entry]

    Creates a list element that can contain nested lists (branches).

    Due to a reorganization of some of the code from [table2], aside from colspan/rowspan for obvious
    reasons, every attribute from [table2] is supported in [tree], [branch], and [entry] tags.

    5.) Strong CSS Support on my custom BBCodes

    Both table2 and tree support a variety of CSS tags, used nearly exactly as they would be when writing a CSS file. The list of tags you can use are as follows:

    1: Column Span - colspan="3" ([cell] only)
    2: Row Span - rowspan="2" ([cell] only)
    3: Background Color - background ="rgba(255,20,20,0.4)"
    4: Border - border="solid 1px #AAA"
    5: Border-Top - border-top="solid 1px #AAA"
    6: Border-Right - border-right="solid 1px #AAA"
    7: Border-Bottom - border-bottom="solid 1px #AAA"
    8: Border-Left - border-left="solid 1px #AAA"
    9: Text Color - color="rgba(0,0,0,1)"
    10: Font - font="15px Arial, sans-serif"
    11: Font-family - font-family="Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, sans-serif"
    12: Font-style - font-style="italic"
    13: Font-weight - font-weight="bold"
    14: Height - height="800px" or height="25em" or height="15%"
    15: Margin - margin="4px" or margin="4px 6px 4px 10px"
    16: Padding - padding="6px" or padding="4px 5px 6px 7px"
    17: Text-align - text-align="center"
    18: Vertical-align - vertical-align="bottom"
    19: Width - width="1200px" or width="40em" or "width=45%"

    Text and Background Color support hex, RGB, and RGA colors. Borders require hex colors.

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