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    January 2023

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    Post by Shippuu Sun Jan 01, 2023 6:22 pm

    January 1

    Events in a few games have been murdering me both in December and for this month too. For that reason, there won't be any Dev Log updates in the conventional sense this month. Instead, as this is the QoL phase of the development, I figured I would comment a bit about the next things I plan to implement.

    1: Auto-setting item properties

    Per my own usage of the Armory as a user would, I was continually bothered by how long it took to equip items and set the same ES/enhancement/etc every time. To deal with this, I am going to add an optional setting (default OFF) to automatically set all of the properties of items you equip from the Item List. In Site Settings, you will be able to select what enhancement level, scrolls, infusions, etc, that it tries to set. Invalid enhancement will fallback to +0, invalid enchants will try a series of increasingly lower rank versions of the scroll until one is valid.

    The reason this was not already a thing is because in the current design of the site, the client-side doesn't understand how item properties actually work, so it can't validate them as would be required. I will have to go back and adjust the code some to ensure the client-side page has this info, but the benefit is worth the effort.

    2: Remembering equipped gear

    This will be a returning feature from the old Armory, one that I previously figured would be added after release. I am going to piggyback off of the code to load Profiles/Loadouts to store and load the stats/equipped items you had the last time you opened the Armory.

    This will be a feature toggled in Site Settings, and it will by default be OFF since it uses localStorage. Enabling the feature will see it remember your Base Stat inputs and the equipment of the Gear tab that was active when you last closed the page. Since this isn't planned to be saved server-side at the moment, it would only store it on the browser that you visited the site on.

    Later posts may add to this list, but these are the big two I am planning to implement for now. The QoL phase is mostly about polish, so it is unlikely any large changes will happen between now and the initial release.

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