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    General Discussions - Section Specific Rules

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    General Discussions - Section Specific Rules Empty General Discussions - Section Specific Rules

    Post by Gallagher Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:40 pm

    When posting a thread in the General Discussions section, you will need to abide by these rules:

    What Threads Are Allowed?

    First, of course, all overall forum rules apply. You may not discuss mods, you may not talk about RWT (real world trading), etc.

    Beyond this, any thread about Vindictus that has no appropriately labelled section goes here. There may be times when the distinction is blurry; in these cases always assume it goes here by default. If it did belong elsewhere, we will simply move it for you. Examples of this will be subjects like "How does enhancing affect the price of an item?".

    Post Contents

    Posts need to have SOME degree of effort put into them. EX: If you post a thread titled "Braha sucks" and your post content is "He sucks", we will probably remove it. Whereas if the post content is more along the lines of an actual cited complaint with Braha, it will probably remain.

    When replying to posts, your reply must be on topic to either the thread itself, or in reply to a post within the thread. Common sense, but covering all the bases here.

    Prohibited Actions

    You may not directly call people out in thread titles, for any reason. Use the PM system for these things.

    To re-iterate from the overall forum rules, there are certain future content subjects that you are NOT allowed to discuss anywhere on this forum. This applies primarily to new characters and major new gameplay additions. Check The Forum Rulebook for specifics.

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