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    Fan Works - Section Specific Rules

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    Fan Works - Section Specific Rules Empty Fan Works - Section Specific Rules

    Post by Gallagher Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:49 pm

    When posting a thread in the Fan Works section, you will need to abide by these rules.

    What Threads Are Allowed?

    There are three types of threads you can make here:
    1.) Request Threads- Threads asking for x to be made for you, either as commissioned (paid) or free work.
    2.) Gallery Threads - Threads posted by an artist showing off their works, possibly also announcing that they are taking requests for free works from time to time.
    3.) Shop Threads - Threads posted by an artist to show off their works and sell their services.

    Any threads that do not involve commissions (either cash, ingame gold, NX, or other currency) can operate mostly as they wish, within the other forum rules.

    Any threads involving commissions have an additional set of conditions that MUST be met.

    Post Contents

    Art is subjective; every artist has their own style and preferences, and every person has their own preferences and tastes in what they like. Please keep this in mind when posting here. Not personally liking an artist's work is not grounds to proclaim that it is ugly garbage. It's especially insulting if the artist is doing the works for free, asking nothing in return.

    Constructive criticism is allowed, but only if it is constructive, that is the key word here. Insulting posts will be removed on sight.

    Note that unlike on the official forums, you retain all of your rights to all works that you post here.  You do not surrender ownership by placing them here.

    Prohibited Actions

    You may not post the work of another as your own; you may not post traced works as your own either.

    You may not go around saying you are better than x artist, anywhere in this section.

    You may not post explicit works here. You may advertise that you are willing to make them, but you are not allowed to post samples or descriptions of these works. I am considering creating a hidden sub-section for this, but I have made no decision yet; it must be handled very carefully.

    Handling Commissions

    While you are fully welcome to run your art shops here, there are standards that must be met. These standards are to protect both you and your customers, from both scams and misunderstandings.

    [tree title="Commission Rules"]
    [branch title="1.) The Negotiation Phase"]
    [branch title="A.) Agree on a price"]
    [entry]Some of these will seem obvious, but they will be said anyway. Before anything else, a price must be agreed upon. Once a price is agreed upon and paid, neither party may change the price for any reason. After payment is made, you may either complete the work or refund the payment. You may not re-negotiate the price.[/entry]
    [branch title="B.) Set down a contract"]
    [entry padding="2px 0"]So that there is no confusion or arguing down the line, agree beforehand on a contract for how payment will be handled (if it is all at once, if some is upfront and some is on final delivery, etc), how often updates will be, how change requests will be handled, and any other terms you as the artist or customer feel is important.[/entry]
    [entry padding="2px 0"]Terms of these contracts may not supercede any existing forum rules.[/entry]
    [entry padding="2px 0"]Terms of these contracts may not be designed to include loopholes or circumstances which can take advantage of the artist or customer. If you are offered terms for a commission that seem malicious in this way, and it does not seem accidental, report it to a Moderator or Administrator. Be sure to include an image of the offered contract.[/entry]
    [entry padding="2px 0"]Contracts cannot remove the possibility of backing out and asking for a refund. Refunds do not have to be 100%, but they must be at least 51% of the amount paid.[/entry]
    [entry padding="2px 0"]Once agreed upon (via payment), this acts as a binding contract, and will be treated with the same seriousness as the official rules of this forum. Neither the artist nor the customer is allowed to break the rules of the contract.[/entry]
    [branch title="2.) The Payment Phase"]
    [entry]This is simply the point at which payment of some amount is made to the artist. At this point, the contract is considered to be officially agreed upon, and becomes binding.[/entry]
    [branch title="3.) The Delivery Phase"]
    [entry]This phase begins after some form of payment is received, and ends when the customer receives the final product.[/entry]
    [branch title="A.) For drawings - Initial samples"]
    [entry]Due to how much of a headache this can save, this step is mandatory. Early on when fulfilling a drawing commission, you must provide a rough sketch or model of what the final product will look like to your customer. This allows for any needed adjustments to the work to be made early on, before any major time/effort investment is made to the drawing.[/entry]
    [branch title="B.) Fulfill the contract"]
    [entry]The final work you deliver must be what was agreed upon in the contract. EX: If you agree to make a full color drawing, you must deliver a full color drawing.[/entry]

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