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    Post by Shippuu Sun May 01, 2016 7:20 am

    These are ideas that are either not feasible, not going to happen, or are already on my "To Do List". Aside from the To Do List, I will mention each thing you are not allowed to suggest here, alongside an explanation. Jumping right into it...

    1.) A Reputation System

    I actually did want to do this. I felt like it would be a fun diversionary thing for people to play with or choose to collect. However, I do not have enough access to the code of the forum to implement systems that store data on your accounts. In other words, I could create the UI for a Reputation System or similar feature, but it would never be able to save changes, making it effectively useless. That is one of the tradeoffs I made in return for having this faster loading forum.

    2.) Groups for each guild

    This is another thing I wanted to do, but limitations did not allow. I can create up to 25 groups, and there are more guilds than that. As a result, it is not viable. In its stead, you now have the Guild Banner feature.

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