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    Post by Shippuu Sun May 01, 2016 7:57 am

    These are ideas that have either been suggested to me, or that I have decided on my own to implement. I will list below what things are already on my list, and a short summary of each:

    1.) Repairing the tree BBCode.

    Apparently this tag has broken yet again. I'm not sure what caused it this time, I was so sure that I had ironed out the bug. It causes certain entries inside of sub-branches to duplicate into the next branch up, which is infuriating. I think I actually did fix this, and then when I went to update other code accidentally overwrote the fixed version with the broken version. A painful loss.

    2.) Adding an RSS button to each section

    A while back, I asked about features that people felt were important on a forum. I remember this being suggested. The RSS API for the board supports section by section RSS feeds, so I have no idea why there is no simple toggle to enable their display. This is second place in priority to implement, and will hopefully be present soon.

    3.) Converting all buttons from images to HTML elements

    This is a change that by itself makes no difference, but will be profoundly important for another change I want to make. The templates are awful about this, so I'm likely going to have to make use of messy javascript to perform most of these replacements.

    4.) Custom Color Themes

    Implementation of the Color Theme feature from the main Vindictus Manual site. The main bottleneck design-wise is that all forum buttons are images. To recolor an image, you need a different image. Once they are converted to normal HTML elements, I can set them up to easily recolor.

    5.) An [icon] BBCode.

    It will function exactly like the equip tag, except that instead of the full item info, it will show the icon only. Hovering on the icon will pop up the item info like on Vindictus Manual itself.

    6.) Interactive Charts in the Science section

    Once I get time to implement it, I will give Gallagher the ability to enable chart.js inside of specific threads. This will allow Gallagher to post raw blocks of JavaScript that a separate function could interpret into actual charts. Time will be taken to ensure that ONLY Gallagher is able to do these things.

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