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    This week's update broke ATT calculation

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    This week's update broke ATT calculation Empty This week's update broke ATT calculation

    Post by Shippuu Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:09 am

    I considered posting this in the Game Mechanics section, but it's not an intentional change, so I'm going to post it here as a normal discussion topic instead. This involves understanding some of how Att calculation works, to understand what is wrong, so I'll try to briefly summarize that first.

    On the simplest level, you already know by now that above a "certain" Att value in each battle, you stop dealing more damage when you raise your Att higher. This is the Att cap, and it is based upon the Def of the enemy you are hitting. This is regardless of whether it is a mob, a boss, or a raid boss.

    Without going into detail on the formula itself, your Att is compared to the bosses Def, and an "Effective Att" value is generated. This caps at 10,000, plus the 900 base value (for in the event the original value is negative, such as with very low Att). So in the end of this, Effective Att has a ceiling of 10,900.

    The cap is applied to the 10,000 result value itself, so when you hit an enemy with 14k Def, and an enemy with 8k Def at the same time, you deal exactly the same damage to both (ignoring Balance anyway). Due to how the formula itself works, this resulted in Att caps for higher Def bosses being slightly below the old "Def + 10k" rule. For example, the cap in Season 3 raids is 22,721 Att, and 23,647 at Kraken. The Def of those raid bosses is 13k and 14k, respectively.

    However, as of Wednesday's update, this seems to no longer be the case. This cap on the 10,000 value itself seems to be entirely gone, for some reason, replaced with only a per battle cap on your raw Att value. This may sound entirely irrelevant, and that it would lead to the same results. There are actually three issues caused by this, and I'll explain each.

    1: The Att ceiling they have set for each battle is actually incorrect, and this is the most noticeable bug from this update. For example, Kraken's raid on 80-90 has a 24,000 Att ceiling. On Kraken, your Effective Att will actually be calculating as 10,329 instead of the flat 10,000 max, resulting in increased damage dealt. The higher the Def of the boss, the bigger this gap will be, resulting in higher max effective damage. This is obviously not intended.

    2: Remember that example of hitting a pair of enemies with 14k Def and 8k Def at the same time? Yeah, you are going to be dealing tremendously more damage to that 8k Def enemy now, since the Att ceiling is per battle. If you want an example of this, run Kraken on 80-90. You will be dishing out 15-20% more damage to the tents, since they have 3k less Def than Kraken's head itself.

    3: There are also apparently instances where this manually defined Att ceiling is *too low*, meaning nomatter what your Att is, you will not be able to properly cap on the boss. Mad Flint Willy looks to be an example of this, Ship Graveyard 80-90 looks to have an improperly low cap.

    Having covered all of that, to summarize, the Effective Att limit of 10,000 needs to be reinstated. Without it, these weird calculation errors are occurring. No other solution fixes these issues. Even fixing the per battle Att ceiling to the correct values will not work, as any enemy with less Def than the main boss will take increased damage.
    Ideally, the Att ceiling needs to be removed entirely. It's a waste of declared values, and is inferior to the Effective Att limit. Remove Att Limit from Lv.90 weapons should apply directly to Effective Att instead. To display a cap per battle, just calculate it with the Att Formula and display the result of that. This wouldn't require manual declaration of each value, and would require only editing one place to change the displayed cap for all battle quests.

    I'd report these issues on the main NA forums, but Nexon NA long proven they don't give a damn, so I'll just post it here and let people make of it what they will.

    I plan to ask Dragonblade_901, a KR streamer, if KR currently has this issue as well. If they do, hopefully a report can be made on KR's discussion site inven, where a DevCat employee will see it and hopefully fix it.

    EDIT: Added a third issue to the list, having noticed it recently. It has not been directly confirmed via ingame testing yet, but only via data values.

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